Motion Graphics & more

Gif Motion is the creative hub for myself, Dean Giffin. I am a Melbourne based motion graphics designer that is also skilled in directing, filming and editing.  Here you will find both my creative work from both commercial projects or personal work I do in my spare time. I’m passionate about all motion based media and always strive to get better and find new and interesting ways to approach my designs. With the motion graphics community growing radially and new technology coming out all the time I see great possibilities and opportunities for the field in which I enjoy so much.

Having spent several years in the industry I can provide creative, skilled, and reliable services directly to businesses and organisations, or as a freelancer to agencies and design/production studios looking to outsource work. Therefore I have the ability to both manage and create an entire product from conception to completion, or to take on a niche role as part of a larger creative team. In my spare time I also work for Pause Fest which helps enable creative collaborations around the globe and to promote digital culture in Melbourne.

Please also view my portfolio as you will find more recent work that isn’t in my reel as yet.